VIDEO: Alanis Morissette…You Learn because

You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

“When the world comes in on you, its your job to push it away and claim your space. Noone grows without challenge.”

while you are stressed out and confused


someone else likely is less emotionally attached and more willing to risk, doing the things you dream about doing. 

don’t make things harder tha they have to be. 

do more, think less.  

xoxo Dana 

VIDEO: The Logical Song originally recorded by the classic rock band, Supertramp and was a hit single on their 1979 album Breakfast in America,written and sung by former band member Roger Hodgson  This video features Roger performing the classic as part of Ringo Starr’s All Star Band. The lyrics are about how the innocence and wonder of childhood can quickly give way to worry and cynicism as children are taught to be responsible adults. It makes the point that logic can restrict creativity and passion. I love this video since it also includes my girl Sheila E. on drums along with Ringo.  And because

"There are times when all the world’s asleep,
The questions run too deep
For such a simple man.
Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned
I know it sounds absurd
But please tell me who I am”


“If men were socialized to desire love as much as they are taught to desire sex, we would see a cultural revolution.”
bell hooks, All About Love: New Visions (2001)

(Source: books-and-barricades)

VIDEO: “He Won’t Go” (2011) by Adele.  Though her music from 21 has been out a good while, I always find myself rediscovering songs from this awesome CD.  This is one of them….this song is really describes how I’m feeling right now, because

"Will he still remember me?
Will he still love me even when he’s free?
Or will he go back to the place
Where he would choose the poison over me?”

“The art always wins. Anything can happen to me, but the art will stay.”


"There are a number of things that set Southern artists apart from anyone else. … Their obsession with place and their obsession with family." —Sally Mann

In a new episode from the ART21 Exclusive series, photographer Sally Mann reflects on the life of Virginia Franklin Carter (1894–1994)—a woman who helped raise the artist and her two brothers in Lexington, Virginia. “My parents were important but Virginia may have been the single most important person in my life,” says Mann in the episode, who named her youngest daughter after Carter.

WATCH: Sally Mann: “The Two Virginias”

IMAGES (TOP ROW): Sally Mann in her Lexington, Virginia home, 2000. Production stills from the ART21 Exclusive episode, Sally Mann: “The Two Virginias”. © ART21, Inc. 2014.

IMAGES (BOTTOM ROWS): Photographs from Sally Mann’s series, The Two Virginias (1988–1991). Courtesy of the artist. © Sally Mann.